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a condition characterized by a chronic internet surfer/chatterer's inability to read from left to right, right to left, up to down, or down to up, as a result of being online too much in a spontaneous or non-purpose centered manner.
Denine has been doin' the online surfing and chat rooms for about 11 hours a day since her unemployment insurance came through, and her surflexia is so bad she asked her boyfriend to read her cable bill to her.
by splitch April 10, 2012
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That annoying lure on the Internet which causes users to go "off and running" into unknown (and often unnecessary) places online, and lose the entire purpose of why one is online to begin with.
Damn! That offer for a free trip to The Bahamas just expired! The flashertisement for high-speed internet made me way distracted and sent me off on a wild goose chase. . . . .
by Splitch October 14, 2011
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