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A kick ass sport that is quickly growing mainly on the East Coast of the US of A. As yet, it is little recognized because though it has been around for over 500 years, making the oldest team sport in North America, it is just gaining popularity. TV stations are more and more televising games as it catches on.

In fact I went to the beach this past summer with a friend. After getting pounded by huge waves we played some lax then went in and watched a lacrosse tournament which Virginia won easily (no surprise there). This was the routine for about a week. Can you say "bliss?"

Oh, and some skater fags (i mean no offence to people who skate, there are skaters, who are pretty cool, and there are skater fags, who are well, fags) anyway, they tried to insult the sport saying it was a woman's sport (and they do play but differantly than men). I merely held out the stick to him and said "take the stick and try to get to my friend over there, i'll play D, no stick." he tried, gotta give him props for that but i just decked his ass right away. Ah, good times.

Just goes to prove sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut.
um didn't i give an example above?

skater fag: "lacrosse is a womans sport"

laxer: *decks skater fag*
by split360 November 26, 2006
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