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When a girl performing oral sex on a man grabs a handfull of pubic hair and rips it out as soon as the man reaches climax, she then spits the load into the handfull of pubic hair and sticks it between the eyebrows of the man who is now doubled over in pain giving him the appearance of having a frowning unibrow
"Hey Dude! why are you looking so angry?" asked Jim

"I'm not, My girlfriend gave me "The Angry Ryan" last night and I havn't had time to wash my face yet" replied Dan
by Special needs student November 07, 2010

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The act of inserting your own thumb into your rectum while masturbating to promote a speedy climax
I was cracking one off when I heard a knock on the door so I gave myself the stubby to get it over with quickly
by Special needs student March 22, 2011

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When someone is blowing you in a pool and you are walking backwards "towing" them around the shallow end with your knob while making motorboat noises. A variation would be the steamboat, this would be done in a hot tub instead.
I am banned from the public swimming pool for life after doing the tow boat in front of all of those families with that lifeguard last month.
by Special needs student November 25, 2010

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giving the readers digest version of something, AKA "the gist of it"
I'm a very busy man and I don't have time for long drawn out explanations, just give me the cock and the balls of it.
by Special needs student September 01, 2012

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