3 definitions by spaljeni

Can also be used as a universal word when you cannot remember the exact term that describes the item you want to define.
Treba ti onaj kurac da bi to radilo...
You need that kurac to make it work...
by spaljeni January 30, 2009
Ex-Yu countries word. It literally means cunt.

Can also be used as "dickhead" or to describe a really "cheap" person (1).

Another use of this word is amongst friends, as a kind of greeting, when you see a person after a long time has passed. Can be compared to the US term "Dog" (2)
(1) Kakva pizda / What a dickhead
(2) Gdje ti pizdo jedna, nema te 100 godina / Wassup dog, long time not seen.
by spaljeni January 30, 2009
Literally means pussy in ex-Yu countries.

Can be used to describe a cowardly, weak person. a pussy, a wimp, a wuss, a chicken, etc.
Picko jedna! / You pussy!
Kakva si ti picka! / You are such a wimp!
by spaljeni January 30, 2009