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a fuck-all hard class. taken by sophmores, usually ap virgins, who are about to get metaphorically ass-raped to stretch their asshole to the size of goatse. generally possible to BS with a lot of patience, the ap exam can be passed without learning much in the entire class. what little you did learn, you will forget over the summer. god forbid kagan wrote your ap euro book.
"Hehe, someone crossed out 'a hero' and wrote 'an hero' in my ap eurpean history book. I spent so much time laughing I couldn't concentrate on the rest of the chapter. fuck."
"Because of ap european history, I know that 'defenestration' means 'getting thrown out of the window.'"
"Why does the ap european history teacher use 'we' when talking about herself?"
by sp33chy November 15, 2009
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