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Indo prince is a Sussy sussy person. He is one of a kind. Sugar daddy? ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Indo prince will purchase you anything from de fish marcket in exchange with a rim job. His anus is usually clean and loose, sometimes. Indo prince has three pairs of miqkel yordans and a real goochie bag, its legit. He is very busy and sus. Long live indo prince
Is that a rich lesbian mom?
No, its indo prince!!!
by sophiapederpenis November 11, 2021
The most fucked up person you'll ever meet, he likes to watch old men masturbate. He is immune to every possible disease and will probably survive the next world apocalypse next to the roaches, he also loves white plain rice with a bit of salt. He farts on average 60 times per day, he generates enough farts to power 2/3 of the world's population and is alone responsible for the discharge of greenhouse gases, don't blame the cars, blame fnatbjørn!!!
is that a psychopath?

-no! that's just fnatbjørn
by sophiapederpenis March 10, 2020