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The physical and mental state sometimes aquired by someone who consistently smokes, or used to smoke, a lot of weed. Typically characterized by the feeling and appearance of being stoned even when one is still technically sober.

See: Tommy Chong. The guy who works at your local smoke shop. Any stoner with a seemingly permanent smile and lazy eyes.
"Man, my dad hasn't smoked in years, but you can tell he's permastoned from his days on the commune".
by so stoked April 07, 2005

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refers to when a group of people are all getting high by passing around a pipe, typically made of blown glass, and the person currently holding it decides to start telling a story or a long-winded joke...completely forgetting that they're still in possession of the ganja.
Dude, enough with the glass microphone, pass that shit over here already!
by so stoked February 28, 2005

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