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The gun you need to grab when you see Tupac.
screw dat colt nigga, I'm grabbin' my glock
by snogolontz July 10, 2008

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You know who he is. If not, you're either living under a rock, stupid, or didn't live through the '90s.

Due to his recent display of 'hateful' douchebaggery at L.A.'s Laugh Factory, he's been branded as a racist prick, Grand Wizard of the KKK, the second coming of Hitler, etc. I don't think he's racist. An insecure loser who deserves public ridicule, yes. He probably just felt trapped at the moment so he came out swinging with whatever he had.

Racial slurs are the lamest kind of insults. They don't attack the guy's personality, looks, or intelligence (all of the easy targets); they just attack his race. If calling a punk heckler the n-word is the only way you can stand up to him, you obviously lack the sharp wit for this line of work.
My friend called Michael Richards a hateful racist, but I knew he was just a has-been actor who couldn't even insult someone correctly.
by snogolontz July 29, 2008

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