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What you say when somebody gets over-hyper and starts jabbering on and on, or uses their outdoor voice on a subject you personally think is undeserving of the effort or don't really care to hear the whole story about. Say to somebody who starts sweating profusely while talking.
Example #1
Joe: "Look, I told you not to play my ps3. You always scratch the discs and never put them back in..."
You: "Calm down, James Brown. Damn. I wasn't anywhere near it."

Example #2
Jenkins: "I just wanted you to come out for a beer, but no. You had to leave me hanging by myself and I got kicked out of the bar and..."
You: "Calm down, James Brown. I had my own shit to deal with."
by snickers4orphans February 18, 2009

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When a genius idea strikes you in the middle of a huge dilemma, saving time, effort, money, you and friends from sobriety or ticketing/over-ticketing/arrest, etc...

Opposite of brain fart, cerebral blockage, bad idea, and so on.
Example #1
Fred: "I can't believe this store stops selling beer at 9 pm. What are we going to do?"
You: "Brain wave! The one down on Jeff Davis Hwy sells until 11! Get in the truck and let's roll!"
Fred: "You are a genius!"

Example #2
Bob: "My car stopped working, how are we going to get to the show?"
You (again!): Brain wave! My neighbor always leaves the keys in his ignition. Let's roll!"
Bob: "You are a genius!"
by Snickers4orphans February 18, 2009

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When, under pressure to come up with a solution, name of the girl whatshisface banged that crazy night, the actor referenced on family guy, the name of an obscure band, etc., you blank and are left stuttering.

Opposite of brain wave
Example #1:
Fred: Yo, who wrote that song "stayin' alive"?
You: Man, I had too many cold ones last night. I'm suffering from cerebral blockage right now...
by snickers4orphans February 18, 2009

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