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Male chav: wears tons of sports wear, has an earring in one ear, (usually a great big fake diamond), wears adidas trainers, and pulls their socks up over their trousers. has a shaven head or awful blond highlights in their short hair. usually seen with a cigarette.

female chav: peroxide blonde hair which is extremely straight or messily scarped up into an incredibly high pony tail which is so tight, they can't move their eyebrows. pregnant at about 14. lots of tacky fake gold rings, so much it's hard to move their fingers. if not in trackies, wears tight trousers or short skirts and a top that shows a lot of cleavage.

ALL chavs smoke, drink and have slept with many people at the 0f at least 14

vocabulary consists of: innit, bruv, braaaaap, fuckin'.
usualy seen outside mcdonalds or tescos
they hate people who like rock music.
they also think their 'well 'ard' (which they are not)
their wrighting in indecipharable, as they refuse to learn, and therefore cannot spell

They are the scum of britain.
conversation of two chavs:
chav 1: s'up ma bruv
chav 2: awwrighttt
by snailee October 19, 2007

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