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Backs is a new revolution in drinking games, created in the small town of Wyoming, Ohio. If you've ever played jacks as a child and enjoyed it, this game is for you.

Instructions: Players sit in a circle, each person holding their own drink, which the group decides on. Then one at a time, the players bounce a bouncy ball in the air. While the ball is airborne, the player tries to chug their beverage before the ball hits the ground. First player to finish wins the game. Everyone goes one at a time, passing the ball after each turn.

Restrictions: If a player bounces the ball and it hits the ceiling, they are then required to finish the game naked.
Steve: Man I'm pissed I don't have a ping pong table, we can't play any drinking games.

Sarah: No worries, I have a bouncy ball we can play Backs.

Steve: Righteous
by snPei April 10, 2011

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