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An Idiot who has nothing better to do than sit on a cake and fart.
Started in the land of the Retards under canada.
Video available on google of some inbred ugly chick sitting on a cake and blowing wind.

Just think, you paid good money to send them to school, looked after them and kept them out of trouble and jail. Only to go on the web and see your daughter farting on a cake.
It must make her parents weep.

Ah well, that's the result of years of inbreeding I suppose.

So my definition in full of a cake farter is:-
Mong, Retard, inbred idiot, or any other word that descibes the most stupid person your ever going to meet!!!
Google cake fart and the cake farter can clearly there be seen doing it.


For those of you to lazy to google it.
by smuje March 31, 2009

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Gavin Henson comes from there abouts.
No wonder it's had so many suicides, their all dying of embarrasment about the fact.
He's a shit rugby player who's only famous for stupid hair cuts and shagging that manky Cardiff bird who takes all comers church!!!!

On a serious note though, I'd rather hang my self than live in Bridgend.

I have been out and drank in bridgend on numerous occasions and I am pleased to say I will never go again.
It is full of little chavs with no brains and single parent whores with multiple children from dozens of fathers.

South Wales single mom capital and benfits capital.

I'm Pregnant, Give me a Council house and my benefits please!!!
I broke down in bridgend once.
I had to wait hours for a tow as they were all out of rope!!!

I was hanging a round in bridgend.
It took the police 48 hrs to find me
by smuje March 31, 2009

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