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A noun & adjective: neo-pussy any person who rigidly adheres to any and all PC (politically correct) notions like they are the law in order to avoid actually accepting responsibility for themselves or confronting someone else.
noun: the person or people responsible for the scent free environment is a neo-pussy or are neo-pussies. A neo-pussy would also be the same person who does not wear the scented product and the same person who would go to human resources and complain, perhaps taking a medical day and then perhaps even taking a medical leave. Example: "hey Sally did you hear about Jhon (his name can be John but he spells it Jhon because he is special), he's such a neo-pussy. He left the meeting because someone was wearing cologne." or, 'the neo-pussies in this place won't let me hang christmas decorations but someone may feel excluded; this is the worst case of neo-puuism ever, those neo-pussy activities make me want to start listening to Ted Nugent.

The opposite personality, the 'real-live-human being's response would be a) not to douse themselves in a scent related product b) and if they had to endure the stench of someone else would actually say something like, "jeez Bill, a little heavy with the Aramis today, could you tone it down a little, I mean my sinuses are inflamed"

adjective: the sign on the office door stating that this is a scent free environment, people are encouraged to wear scent free products is just another sign neo-pussy PC'ism
by smoke climber November 08, 2012

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