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To poop in one's mouth is a Midwest American colloquial expression, meaning:
1. To poke fun at someone, similar to the English expression "taking the piss";
2. To utterly dominate an opponent, in the context of sports or games.
1. It was first and goal and I was sure Team A was going to score a touchdown, but Team B's defense decided to rush the QB and poop in his mouth, they stopped him no problem.

2. Look at that guy with the mullet over there. I dare you to poop in his mouth.
by smerdjik May 2, 2018
An undesirable female.
In order to officially qualify as a burma, the woman must meet at least two of the following three criteria:
1. She must be old.
2. She must be fat.
3. She must be mean, or have an otherwise exceptionally terrible personality.
The male equivalent of this word is burmo.
That burma just shit her pants at the grocery store.
Have you ever ever met Frank's mom? Such a burma, dude.
by smerdjik November 10, 2013