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usually a bro but more specifically a larger, dumber one. One that trys to fit in way too hard with his; black spikey haired, star tattooed, knee-high black socked, studded white belt, last name in vinyl on the rear window of my truck, tank-top wearing, I'm white but I listen to gangster rap, more facial piercings than a chick, peers but is either too large to physically wear the latest trends and styles, or simply chooses to buy smaller clothes in order to appear ripped in the eyes of other bros. The term is used by outsiders forced into social contact with these dude man bros. Even though it is a direct diss, it can be said in front of them, because it blends harmoniously with thier regional dirt people diction.
non DMB: "Hey Dude Man Bro thats some sick ink you got there! But last time I checked a star had 5 points... not 6"

DMB: "Yeah Bro! I know! I was F-ed up!... haw-haw"

by sly858 February 08, 2008
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