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A green eyed brown haired, beautiful and sexy girl who tends to think a lot and has quite a few close friends. Anastasia has a strong a strong will and a temper. Always up to something and has a dark side. Always loving and kind, she's always there for who she loves. Anastasia has knowledge of the mysterious and the occult and magick and is who you go to when you need help in any of these things. She is sweet and can be found in the woods or in big spooky houses. Anastasia tends to be a happy person but can have moments of weakness and melancholy. She is the type who has been through a lot of hardship, yet still sees the glass as half full. She loves the night.
Dude, you see that girl over there?!

Ya, I only ever see her at night, hangin' 'round that occult shop.

She's beautiful, man.

Ya, she's such an Anastasia.
by sleeper142 September 08, 2010
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