2 definitions by sksksinny legend

someone who is only attracted to skinny legeneds like the queen raini rodriguez and mariah carey. these people only date skinny legends, and refuse to date anyone else.
friend: oh my gosh isn't Jack so hot!
skinsexual friend: eww no way
friend:wth? why don't you like Jack
skinsexual: nah fam, i'm skinsexual I only like Raini Rodriguez
your 4th grade teacher:
not even your mom:
by sksksinny legend October 01, 2019
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the name you make up when your friends ask you if you have a boyfriend. sometimes you make a fake instagram account to go the extra mile.
friend- hey lila u got a boyfriend yet?
lila- yes his name is joe smith
friend- show me proof
lila-'looks up top 10 hot models under 15'
by sksksinny legend October 01, 2019
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