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1. A place where every old person in America comes to die.
2. Also known as Cape Coma after a song called "Escape From Cape Coma" by the now broken up band Twisted Method. Named for how incredibly boring it is.
3. Where, for some completely insane reason, tourists like to come. No one's really sure why because, well, see number 2.
4. Where scene kids live. You see them everywhere, especially at Marquee Cinemas on a Friday night. And you can't forget about the 13 year old sluts/cocaine addicts! Because of the extreme amount of scene kids, there is tons of drama.
1. Old guy: "Honey, why did we move here again?" Old lady: "It's the perfect place to die."

2. Cape resident 1: "What are we doing this weekend?" Cape resident 2: "Absolutely nothing. We live in Cape Coma, dumbass.

3. Tourist 1: Let's go to Cape Coral on vacation! It's soooo nice there." Tourist 2: "It sure is! Let's go to Sun Splash, that will be a blast!" Tourist 3: "This is going to be the best vacation ever!" Cape resident: *Gags*

4. Scene kid 1: "Hey lets go to the movies tonight, and then after we can do some cocaine to keep us so incredibly skinny." Scene kid 2: "Yeah, I have to dye my hair black for the 2839479823th time this year, so you guys can help me." Scene kid 2: "I have to get 8 more piercings to be a hXc scene kid, so I can't go. I'll tell my little sister to go, she's really easy and does cocaine, and she's the most hXc scene kid in her middle school."
by sklhflskjdf May 21, 2008
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