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A pointless book that is a waste of time to even read, let alone even pick up or look at. People who enjoy this book and think Edward is the hottest person alive should be locked up and forgotten about because its just a word you dont really know what he looks at because of the crappy descriptive uses about him. The vampires in there sparkle which just confirms the fact that they are fairies. The only reason they made a movie out of this book was to help all the little fan-girls get off on themselves while they watch because they can actually see a person and not what they think he looks like in their heads
person1: man i just saw some dude reading Twilight.

person2: what did you do?

person1: I went up to him looked him in the eye and told him he is a fucking fag.

person2: what did he do about it?

person1: nothing but his mom and girlfriend got pissed.
by skel'elm March 30, 2009

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The study of the internet running late into the night and usually focused around porn sites.
Man i'm never gonna get laid im going home to study internetology.
by skel'elm March 09, 2009

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a term used in the collectible card game Magic. it is used when during the length of the game land is not drawn from the deck and usually screws you over, hence the name manascrewed.
person 1: did you see that magic game yesterday?

person 2: yeah that guy got royaly manascrewed and couldn't put anything down.
by skel'elm May 04, 2009

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doing something to the extreme and it usually pisses people off
see this comic explaining to the MAX

by skel'elm April 06, 2009

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1. smoothness to the MAX

2. of or being extremely smooth probably the highest degree of smoothness you could possibly atain or be.
person 1: hey did you see that new drink ad it looks like the drink might be smooth.

person 2: yeah i already had one it was the most smoothtasticness drinks i have ever had.
by skel'elm April 09, 2009

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1. any article of clothing or accessories that has anything to do with Link from The Legend of Zelda.

2. any bling that has been linked together into one giant blingage.
person 1: hey what are you going to do at the cosplay convention?

person 2: oh im going to cosplay as Link but i need to go to the mall to get some linkage.

person 3: alright that sounds awesome!
by skel'elm April 15, 2009

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