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A sexual act in which a man and a woman engage in oral, vaginal and anal sex in sequence and then repeat the sequence twice.
That girl I brought home from the bar last night was a total freak. We did the nine hole mambo, all three holes three times, then I finished on her face.
by ska_zombie June 21, 2011
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A sexual act in which a woman lies on her back on a bed or couch with her head hanging back off the edge. The man then enters her mouth while playing with her breasts. A snowblower effect can be achieved at orgasm by removing the penis and showering the buxom lass with semen across her midsection.
My girlfriend has trouble getting the whole thing in her mouth, so we do the Chicago Snowblower so it slides down her throat easier.
by ska_zombie June 09, 2011
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A patch of skin that is missed when shaving, leaving behind a spot of longer hair.
Dude, did you shave in the dark this morning? You got a huge werewolf swatch on your cheek.
by ska_zombie July 31, 2011
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