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The Philippines is a home of family-oriented people. Also home of people who love to laugh. Wether it's war or they're having a miserable life, they'll find time to laugh. Also a home of poeple who love exotic dining such as bloatfish (which are deadly and poisonous), isaw or animal intestines, balut or slightly-matured duck eggs and many more.
AND, the pople in the Philippines are very hygenic. Except maybe people living in squatters' area. But it's not often that you visit a country where people take a bath once or twice a day and some even three times. And, they use pails and water rather than tissue paper because it is much CLEANER. Using water is MUCH cleaner rather than using tissue paper becaused more bacteria is left and you cannot clean thoroughly.
Police: WARNING! Never let people who use toilet paper sit on your lap! Do like the Philippines does!
by siraulongnaypi July 26, 2006

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