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1. (n.) Clearly the description of the relationship between Hot and Dangerous, or a Punkin and a BooBear.

2. Takes about 2 years to perfect, but once it's there, it's there forever.

3. Usually found while singing "A Whole New World" in British accents.

4. Shown by sharing gruesome comments about the less fortunate, the weight challenged, and the idiots seen at random in the streets.

5. Must be in the military to find it, both parties, it's the ultimate challenge and if its Perfect Love, it can make it no problem.

6. Discusses over orange juice slushies.

7. Can spend countless hours laughing at absolutely nothing and everything at the same time.

8. Nothing without some hundred proof

9. hold your breath it's better
"awe they have the Perfect Love."

"Oyyy look at those two they seem to me like Perfect Love"

"Perfect Love finds its definition in Zach and Lindsay"
by sing a song October 24, 2011
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