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The act of wearing a life jacket upside down like a diaper in order to make your upper body less constricted. This is usually done while drinking copious amounts of Pabst Blue Ribbon or other inexpensive beers in an ocean or lake.
We had a blast on JB's boat the other day. We were just diapering all day in the lake ripping Blue Ribbons.
by sillyrascal August 22, 2010

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A person who's ass is so big, that it magically absorbs anything that you put in the crack, up to and including cookies, especially Keebler fudge stripe cookies. Anything put in the crack is never seen or heard from again.


A nickname for 1950's actor Stephen Zukowski. Also known as Num Nums Zukowski.
Hey, Num Num's ass crack is showing
Let's put a Keebler fudge stripe cookie in there.
Oh my God!! The adventures of cookie butt lives!!!!
by sillyrascal August 22, 2010

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