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when you get pissed off and want to say fuck you to them and diss their mom
x:your a dick
y:fuck you and your mother
by sidvicious March 26, 2005
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Derived from the Jackhammer, a triple barrel shotgun in the game www.planetside.com that used to deal a massive amount of pwnage up close, as a triple barrel shotgun should.

It got nerfed into oblivion, now only newbtards that missed the patch notes and 1337 twitch kiddies keep using it.
OMFGWTFBBQ Noobhammer suxzor !!~TILDE!ONE
by SidVicious March 01, 2004
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to be dumb; polish; to have tendency to fall down stairs.
Duh Rifenbark, you fell down the stairs.
by SidVicious January 30, 2005
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