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When a person's eyesight, or perception of what they see, is so totally distorted (like the captcha codes you must enter on certain websites), they have "captcha vision."
A: Dude, what a dog you were making out with last night!
B: Oh was she? I had way too much to drink.
A: No. I mean it was a dog. It think it was a spaniel.
B: Shit! My worst case of captcha vision ever!
by shopping_w/Satan July 08, 2009
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The scrotum forms an admirable covering for the protection of the testes. These bodies, lying suspended and loose in the cavity of the scrotum … are capable of great mobility, and can therefore easily slip about within the scrotum, and thus avoid injuries from blows or squeezes.
"I've got a couple things for you in my gift sack."

"Here's 0-2 pitch to A-rod. Oh! And he's taken it right in the gift sack!"
by shopping_w/Satan May 21, 2009
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