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Multiple meanings based on context and site usage: Generally, a term for an unofficial, themed, music videos made for a song. Similar to the "A" in "AMV" (Anime/Animated Music Video), the "P" in "PMV" describes the medium or designated theme for the music video.
Currently, a PMV may be a:
Picture Music Video - uses still images in a slideshow format or stylized lyrics to accompany the music;
Pony Music Video - made with scenes from the "My Little Pony" series;
Porn(ographic) Music Video - utilizing visuals and audio from various adult resources;
P1: "Did you check out that Dark Horse PMV last night?
P2: "Uh, yeah. I'm not into that Brony stuff.
P1: "You must have your safe search on. It's the one with the Cleopatra porn scenes in it.
by shindajin September 27, 2015

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