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(Adj) A word that describes anyone that feels the need to find, collect, keep, pack ANY and EVERYTHING becasue they do not know how to throw things away.

A nicely put word than Pack Rat.

These people tend to collect soo much stuff, whether it be diapers, books, poop, shoes, clothes, or hair samples that it gets very over bearing and the items in turn tend to run their life to where they don't know what to do with themselves.
Michelle: Hello? Gary? are you there?
Gary: Hey, i'm over behind the stack of newspapers and to the left of last nights food collection.

Boy: Dang Girl! How many shoes do you have up in this closet?
Girl: Oh I only have12 here, you should see my garage, I have about 300 there, but don't worry they are all in boxes.
Boy: Girl you're a hoarder of shoes.
by shawtyWanardy December 01, 2010

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(adj) The act of not knowing anything.
A term used to describe someone who tries to think they know something but they don't.
I tried talking to this one girl about politics and she was ignorant to the fact that the President of the US is underpaid!

How ignorant can you be? The president of the United States (no matter who is in office) is the most underpaid position in the United States...LeBron James makes more for playing one game than the president makes in an entire year!!!
by Shawtywanardy November 30, 2010

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