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From AMC's "The Killing". The text on Detective Steven Holder's apron as he makes his patented breakfast burrito for Jack Linden.
Holder: *wearing black apron with the words "Original Grillz" printed on the front.* "Linden, you sure you don't want one of these breakfast burritos?"
Linden: "Yes."
by shawshankd July 22, 2013
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Our bursts of Love, Passion, and Anger. When we let loose these emotions, others can latch onto them and use them against us.
Damn, my emotional energy was completely drained by the time Vanessa and I had finished talking; it's like she seemed happier by the time our conversation ended, but I left even sadder than I had been before she and I spoke. Perhaps she's a psychic vampire; I need a nap.
by shawshankd September 23, 2016
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