3 definitions by shawnzarelli

i got a lexus on some ston-n-go's
by shawnzarelli May 14, 2003
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refering to brabus monoblock II's, choppers,not just any rims that are big and chrome or not spinning rims....word that was created in the South...primarily Texas
big pimpin spending chesse, big pimpin on B-L-A-D-E's
by shawnzarelli May 14, 2003
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promethazine, codiene, hydrocodone, and of the type of cough syrup you can drank and lean on....not only purple, there is red, yellow, green, blue, clear, orange different types have different colors
i got rainbow colors in my cup(drank)----three six mafia
by shawnzarelli January 11, 2006
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