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A manga and anime series about a bored, teenaged genuis named Light who finds a notebook that can kill people, called the Death Note. He uses it get rid of the people who are causing the world to "rot", but it's soon noticed that criminals are dying of heart attacks (the Death Note's default cause of demise) at alarming rates. Light becomes known as "Kira", dirived from the English word "killer", and a legandary detective, known as "L", is assigned to this case. The first half of the story revolves around Light and L's game of cat and mouse, which is made interesting because both characters are intelligent to the point that it's inhuman.
There's no way Naruto will die - the only manga that is allowed to kill off the main character is Death Note.
by shankitty November 03, 2007
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A phrase used on internet forums. Use it when another user makes a post which describes your opinion about something so perfectly you just have to quote them in your own post, but don't know what to say about it. Often shortened to QFT or QTF.
"This guy is a moron."
Quoted for truth.
by shankitty November 03, 2007
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1. The most popular het pairing in the Western Naruto fandom, and one of the most popular pairings in Japan. This fact is very puzzling if you have read the manga, due to the fact that Hinata is in less panels than unimportant characters like Temari, Gai, Zabuza, Kankurou, and Chouji.
2. Epic fail.
3. This entry, which will get loads of thumbs-downs from random NaruHina-tards.
4. Really horrible fanfiction.
lololol nawrootoe and heenawtaw wil totali get2geter cuz she haz a theme an she iz v relivant 2teh plot becuz she didnt aper 4 lidk 40 chaperz after teh magna sarted evn tho kishi culd hav ezily aded her in in 1 of teh 1st few chapers if he wated her2 b nawros luv inrest and sawcy an sawkoorawh wil obvusli get2getr so naruhinna must b canon

NaruHina is fail.
by shankitty November 03, 2007
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