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Home of those most pretentious, ignorant people in the United States. Everyone from this State are hippies who ruined their state's economy by putting proud, third generation Lumberjacks out of business who were forced out of their homes so a few spotted Owls didn't have to adapt to living in Smaller trees, instead of big ones.(Which they did anyway). The whole state is now just a third-rate Silicon Valley.

Secondly, People from Oregon hurt my eyes, due to the rain/lack of sunshine they are the palest, lily-white people on the planet.

It's also the worst place in the world to visit. If people wanted to go the beaches/ocean, they would go to San Diego where the water is warm enough to swim in, and if they wanted to see Trees they would go to the mountains if they live in ANY major city in the southwest IE: Las Vegas, Phoenix, etc, etc.

There is nothing good about Oregon, so stop coming here and pretending like your shit doesn't stink.
Oregonians: Save the Owls, we are forcing them out of their homes by cutting down the trees!! Who cares if we force thousands of lumberjacks to go out of business and make them, and their families to be forced out of their homes!

by shanebbb May 04, 2008

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