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Slang word in Singaporean English (Singlish)
(a)used to signify some form of uncertainty or disbelief in response to some claim/statement by someone else, and feeling that you should believe them.

meh (pronounced in 1 second or less, making a shocked face)

(b) can also be used rather condescendingly to signify distrust, but you'd have to drag it out 'mmeehhhh...'

meh (drags out for about 2 seconds, making a 'yeah right...' kind of face)
Ah Wing: i saw a ghost yesterday
(a) Bala: really meh?!
translation: i don't believe it...but hearing you say that i kind of feel i should believe it.

Ah Wing: i can eat 10 cheeseburgers in 1 minute
(b) Bala: really meh...
translation: yeah right.. /who are you kidding?!
by sh0cq October 27, 2012

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