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1. (v. or n.) Widely used in battle-rap circles (Grind Time, URL, King of the Dot, etc.), but can be applied more generally. To bodybag an opponent is to secure a definitive win over said opponent.

2. (n.) The series of lines which leads to the situation described in 1.
1. Damn, Soul Khan bodybagged Deacon Frost in URL. Shit was merciless.

2. Now, here comes the bodybag... (insert clever rhyming gun talk and/or references to fucking opponent's mother)
by sexual mystery April 14, 2011

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A police officer. Old 70s Irish-American slang from New York.

Origin: "Muldoon" is an Irish surname.
Some fuckin' muldoons broke up my party last night.
by sexual mystery December 09, 2014

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1. Boxing
2. Drinking
1. Can't get that anger out? Have you tried Irish therapy?
2. Yeah, O'Sullivan went down to Paddy's Pub for a little Irish therapy session.
by sexual mystery June 21, 2016

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