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The shrug commonly preformed by singer Kanye West, typically expressing confusion or his famous "I don't care that I'm an asshole" attitude. This was made famous at the 2009 VMAs, where he berated Taylor Swift in front of the entire world.
"Taylor, I'm really happy fo' you, imma letchu finish, but Beyonce had wun da best videos of ALL TIME.

*Kanye West shrug*

John: "Mike, this is the third time you've slept with a fat girl THIS WEEK."
Mike: *Kanye West shrug*
by Sexman February 25, 2012
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See Purple Haze. The best weed a man can get. Pure purple haze. Not laced, has a purple tint to it.
What's good with that piff son?
You got that dough i got that piff.
We rolled some piff last night.
That ain't real piff, shoot that kid.
by sexman March 11, 2005
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A sabertooth is when you're in bed with a hot lady and you make the "sign of rock" with your thumb over your fist and your pointer and pinky fingers pointed upwards. After wetting them liberally, you forcefully yet gently thrust your pointer finger into the woman's vagina and your pinky finger into her anus. More of a playful signal of your spontaneous sexual manner than a bona fide erotic manuever. Also known as "getting your rocks off hardcore-style".
"Holy shit Mike, I totally gave Alice the sabertooth last night!"
"Did she go wild?"
"Fuckin' A she did!"
by SexMan March 01, 2005
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