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the act of getting someones backpack taking everything out turning the backpack inside out and then putting everything back in just like it was
person :wtf! why is my backpack all weird and were the hell are the backpack straps?!
person2:hahahaha you just got the backpack nugget!
by sexiestofmuffins October 20, 2008
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the biggest little town within a 2 feet radious around it and home of the imfamous McPenis burger. basically an oversized retirement home the chances of you beeing greeted by an old person while walking here are 99/100. the schools here are gay and the bums around here hide at day and then they crawl out at night and eat your dog. gays and lesbians hide inside the wal mart bathroom and there is this wanna b gang bhind the k mart they suck dick when no one is looking
kid walking:*humming*
old person:hello there young one

gay person:get out of my stall!

boy:college place sucks!
by sexiestofmuffins October 15, 2008
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