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First written during the early 1800's "yeet" was formally used to describe the action of a sheep wiping it's feet in mud. During the late 1800's and early 1900's, "yeet" was used to describe the game of how many struggling twitches a goat could take while being drowned by butchers from urban areas. The game, "Yeet" was usually performed at public pools on the 4th of July where public parties were thrown to celebrate Independence. Today, it's used to describe that actions of avoiding or throwing anything you can think of.
(Early 1800's)
Ross: "Hey Brad, Where are your sheep?"
Brad: "Oh, my sheep are YEETING out by the barn."
(Late 1800's-Eary 1900's)
Jim: "Hey Fred are you excited to watch dad YEET this Independence day?"
Fred: "Yeah!"
Shelby: "Hercules, Zeus tried to kiss me but I YEETED on his ass today"
Hercules: *insert emojis here*
by sendbobandhentai November 29, 2017

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