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nurfing: the act of nude surfing; sexting; myspace slut-surfing

Nurfing is the act of adding random sluts within your area or in other area codes over myspace and facebook and getting their number and texting them. Once you get their number, you act like a super douche to them until the nude picture has been sent and then never talk to them again. Make sure that these sluts are at least 18, otherwise it is considered child porn.
Dude1: Hey i was nurfing last night and this bitch on myspace sent me some pics of her from behind and her pussy was fucking huge... here look.

* shows friend the pic*

Dude2: ... that's a fucking nutsack bro.

Dude1: oh... she still looks kinda hot from behind though.
by selir123 September 12, 2011
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