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Similar to the other Big 4 accounting firms, is a form of slavery and injustices. Most people come here to work hundreds of hours per week, only to be paid substantially less than at Deloitte, KPMG, and PWC. They are so cheap with raises they would rather see everyone quit every year than try to pay in line with the other firms. And the tag line "quality in everything we do" does not apply to senior managers who are the darlings of the partners. It means they can be worthless and not work a hard day in their life while shitting on the seniors. Then once the problems ensue, they just blame the seniors to make it all better.
I get paid paid $8,000 less to do the same job as my college friend. Oh, thats because I work at Ernst & Young instead of Deloitte.
by seattle_jeff March 31, 2005
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