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Internet Tough Guys are the people who you will find in chatrooms, usually having some sort of badass name (e.g., Gladiatior007.) and an intimidating avatar. They'll contantly be bragging about how they beat the shit out of people and steal their girls or are a professional wrestler and weigh 400 pounds of pure muscle, and they'll often say things like "If I knew where you lived, i'd kick your ass." and other bluffs. 99.999999% of these people are socially awkward, weak people with few friends in real life. They are very easy to troll, and pretending to be an ITG is also a fun way to troll people.
Muscleman308: I'll find out where you live and beat the shit out of you!
Lolz:Internet Tough Guy much, faggot?
by sdbgvsgsfg January 26, 2011
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