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-a person whose entire miserable existence has been reduced to academic grunge and pain, yet remains complacent

-an expression used to convey the feeling of insanity brought about by working too hard for too long in an acadmic context (pronounced with emphasis on the 'i,' preferably with really wide eyes and a maniacal grin), or used just for fun, also sometimes used as a greeting
(also "scribezor")

-to perform tedious or difficult academic work
syn: to troll

verb, transitive
-to break a person's soul through tedious or difficult academic work
"That Ph2A final exam scribed me..."
syn: to ass-rape

-tedious, difficult, soul-breaking, useless

(Origin: 2003, California Institute of Technology)
n. "Techers are scribes"
int. "SCRIBE!"
v. "I was scribing away at that ACM95 set last night..."
v.tr. "That Ph2A final exam scribed me..."
adj. "that was a scribal problem set"
by scribahol January 23, 2007
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