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a place where the government forces people under the age of 18 to be held as prisoners for 8 hours a day so they can "learn" about things that the teachers and principals claim you will use in real life but you never actually do unless you decide to become a torturous teacher yourself one day in wich I personally wold advise against unless you enjoy being hated by young children of all ages
this prison also includes the nastiest food you will ever taste along with disgusting bathrooms and prison guards (teachers) who yell at you when you just happen to be walking around since your current teacher doesn't care where you currently reside as long as you are in the building
the only way to escape this torture and have a little fun is to either a) get a library pass with one of your friends and leave class for a good 20-30 minutes or b) skip class all together with a few buddies
geeze! that stupid teacher yelled at us to get class when we were in p.e.!! i mean come on!! everybody knows that the coaches could really care less at our school
by scene chick wannbe February 27, 2009

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