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A quite handy phrase, most easily used to determine whether the person you are talking to is a complete moron or not. If the person uses this phrase, or similar ones involving the words fail, epic, or lulz, the generally accepted manner of dealing with them is to kill them immediately for the betterment of mankind.
This definition is not made of win, but it is made of letters, pixels, bytes, colors, and other such things.
by sba. September 21, 2008
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A Japanese sword, once used by the samurai, but now primarily owned by Japanophiles who have deluded themselves into thinking that they can defeat anyone in the world with their (fictional) martial arts and swordplay skills.
"A terrorist attack? Let me just grab my katana, I'll take down all twelve of them singlehandedly!"
by sba. April 30, 2008
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