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Brendan Walsh

Brendan Walsh is the kind of guy that both guys and girls love to be around. Brendan is an extremely amazing guy.

Brendan has long lashes and sky-blue eyes.

Brendan is gorgeous, smart, generous and talented but doesn't show off.

He is one of those unbelievable shy attractive types that has everything going for him.

He has an amazing body, is gentle and kind with a great sense of humor.

Brendan is a leader and always comes up with something fun to do. His mere presence makes others happy and everyone loves to be around him.

Probably the most fun guy you'll meet. Has a great laugh, and sexy smile that make him irresistible.

Making Brendan laugh is the most incredible feeling. Brendan is someone who will always have your back, and will go a thousand miles for someone he cares about.
Even when everything sucks, Brendan can and will make things better.

Brendan has a breathtaking smile. If you've ever made a Brendan smile, you'll find it's one of the best feelings in the world.

Brendan is known for making a cuddle buddy. If you want to feel high and can't afford weed, cuddle with a Brendan, it will have the same effect.
Brendan means Prince in Irish. Pretty fitting since he is also the definition of prince charming.
Girl 1: Jackie is so lucky, she's dating Brendan Walsh.
Girl 2 : What a babe

Girl 1: OMG just thinking about him is making my heart beat so fast right now.
Guy : Me too..
Girl1: Too bad he's taken :(
All three: sigh..
{Brendan} can also be used as a noun:
That guy over there is a total Brendan, like a modern John Wayne. Total stud. He's there for his bros and the ladies love him.

synonyms: perfect, handsome, kind, athletic, fun, smart, hardworking, romantic, charming
Antonyms: lame, boring, douche, 95% of male population
by sasofidasoi December 30, 2012
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