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Girls who are really plain but look hot because of their clothes, sense of fashion. You see these girls every where. In the mall, at parties, at school. They hang around with other haute girls and collectively look hot. Some of them have really beautiful girl friends and look hotter in their company. The have an active social life, they're rich and wear clothes straight out of a fashion catalog. Men are attracted to them but they're never sure why. Confused guys hit on them, then back off, then hit on them again. In bed, these girls look best clothed. So happy dry sex.
Sam: Wow! Those girls are strangely attractive.
Mike: Damn Haute Pussy!

Sam: I think I should ask her out.
Mike: Why??!!
Sam: Not sure. I guess she looks kinda hot in that dress.
Mike: Yeah. She's just haute pussy.
by samsaran May 15, 2013
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