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Pretty fuckin' drunk

An "I" is usually implied before usage. In the example "PFD" means "I'm pretty fuckin drunk."
"Dude let's go get some more shit"

by saguanau September 10, 2011
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A feeling of connection shared between individuals that gives a warm, fuzzy feeling in the stomach. This is not limited to strictly positive scenarios. The feeling of human connection and that of bringing people closer together is all that must exist to satisfy the requirements of feeling "gezellig".
Joelle, Sebastian, Sam and Natalia are having a breakfast of afbakbroodjes, filet americain, and Johma salads. They are sipping on their tea and having a wonderful conversation. It is gezellig.

Joelle, Sebastian, Sam and Natalia are in the Netherlands at a bus stop. Of course, it is raining. Although it is raining, they are still having a great time because they are together and bonding. It is gezellig.

Sam is watching Jildou, Gijs, Tim and Robert sharing some stroopwafel. He finds them to be a gezellig bunch.
by saguanau September 23, 2018
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