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Michael Audrey Myers:

Born 1957. He was a very smart kid growing up, living a normal life. Until he started to act a little less normal than usual. Then on October 31, 1963, six year old Michael Myers brutally murdered his seventeen year old sister. He was locked away at the Smiths Grove-Warren County Sanitarium for the murder. He remained there for fifteen years, until on October 30, 1978, when he escaped. Twenty-one year old Michael Myers heads home to Haddonfield, Illinois. He chases down his remaining sister, Laurie Strode, who was adopted by a new family after the murder of Judith Myers. Michael Myers is the villain that started it all. He layed the groundwork for all those shitty knock-offs like Freddy or Jason. He doesn't stop until it's done. He is just simply evil.
Michael Myers made Halloween scarier and more famous than it already was.

Michael Myers could kick Freddy's and Jason's ass.
by sadlfj;sklfjklasj June 12, 2007

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