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FYAD (Fuck You And Die) is a sub-forum of the Something Awful forums, visible only to registered members. It is notable for being the most polarising forum on Something Awful, with responses ranging from intense dislike to fawning admiration (both of which FYAD ‘regulars’ play on in the forum’s content). While FYAD posters account for the former reaction as a consequence of not ‘getting’ FYAD, definitions are paradoxically seen as pointless. In very broad terms though, the forum seeks to mock essentially every populist trend on the internet, particularly forum users. This is achieved by assimilating their speech and methods and pushing them to often ridiculous extremes.
As well as the general derogatory attitude towards FYAD by many Something Awful forum members (particularly those found in the General Bullshit sub-forum), FYAD is more concisely derided as the place for ‘flame wars and gross pictures’. In literal terms this is correct but the pejorative nature of this understanding arises from a false concept of their usage.

Indeed, if there can be a proper understanding of FYAD it must revolve around their parasitic relationship with the internet. FYAD is a response to internet culture (especially found in forums) and the regulars’ distaste for it. Chat room abbreviations, emoticons, flame wars and threads intentionally revolving around trivial matters proliferate in FYAD because of their popularity on the internet. In order to emphasise their stupidity, the use of these facets is pushed to ridiculous extremes such as posts composed of just one emoticon.
by sa user May 7, 2011