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A disease that afflicts college freshman, mostly straight men. Its counterpart, high school boyfriend, is not as common. In a typical case, the HSG-sufferer is devoted to what he believes is the love of his life, a high school junior or senior in his hometown (several hundred/thousand miles away). He'd rather stay in his dorm room skyping with her than meet any new friends, and when she comes to visit, his roommate can expect to be sexiled for whole weekends at a time.

This will go on (and on, and on) until their relationship explodes--hopefully at Thanksgiving during the turkey drop, but it can take until sophomore year in extreme cases.
Tom: Did you ask your roommate if he wanted to go to that party tonight?
Dan: No, I give up. He's got the worst case of high school girlfriend I've ever seen.


Lisa: Hey, Dan's roommate's pretty cute. Why doesn't he ever want to hang out?
Emily: High school girlfriend strikes again.
Lisa: Oh, no! When will they find a cure?
by rusalka August 03, 2010

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Breaking wind from the vagina that is very putrid during intercourse and tends to linger for an indefinite amount of time.
"What was that explosion of wind?" Fred said "Sorry I oyster popped" said Julie

"I can't get the smell of oyster pop out of my beard"

"There's still a yellow cloud lingering in my room from all those oyster pops last night"

"Dude why does you're room smell like rank clam and febreze?" "Jessica was over last night and she was oyster popping all over the place"

"I could tell by the look on Jeffrey's face after I oyster popped that he didn't wanna see me anymore"
by Rusalka March 04, 2015

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