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The god of ska. Went from being in Gimp at 15 (a band resembling Nirvana) to Catch-22 at 16. Writing every song on the album Keasbey Nights at ages 16-18 and putting the CD out at 18. Then Went on to make the best acoustic ska band ever at age 22, Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution. Then the same year forming the band Streetlight Manifesto with ex-catch 22 members and ex-one cool guy members. Tomas wrote the music and lyrics to the most incredible ska cd out, Everything Goes Numb. The bands new cd is set to release this year titled Somewhere in the Between.

I seriously would fuck him and I'm completely straight.
"Hey man you listen to any Tomas Kalnoky bands?" "Yeah if I didn't I'd probably end up in hell" "Let's go jack off to Kalnoky" "Ya and then sacrifice some emo kids to him"
by rudeboyben August 31, 2007
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