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sexing... just read the fucking definition
john jiggled his keys in the door with nervous anticipation. It was his birthday, and tanya had promised him anything, ANYTHING, he wanted. the door swung open and there was tanya sitting on the cold tiles with her toned legs spread wide open exposing her beautiful clean shaven pink pussy. she was wearing nothing but a bow around her sexy tan stomach. "happy birthday baby" she muttered in her most provocative voice, and john could already feel a hard one coming on. "what do you want to do first" she barely got out of her moist lips because john had jumped on top of her sticking his tongue in her mouth and began dry humping as tanya massaged his balls. she removed his shirt and licked him all the way down following his happy trail and tearing off his pants with her teeth. john sat up on their new red leather sofa (not to be red for long) as tanya pulled his boxers slowly down to his knees. she took his large penis in her mouth and began licking, sucking, and nibbling until john couldn't take it anymore. he exploded in her mouth and the hot white juices dripped down in between her full luscious breasts. "its okay baby, i don't mind" tanya said after happily swallowing this desert. she kissed his strong neck while sitting on his chest and disbelievingly felt a hard object beneath her. "So soon... i knew you had it in you" she said as john thrust her onto the couch and slid himself right into tanya's love hole. He thrust his large hard penis in and out of tanya's smooth vagina, rubbing her clitoris with his ring finger until he could tell she was close to an orgasm. "YES, YES, O JOHN, OHH OHHH ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" they continued fucking like this all night long as tanya continually marveled at johns stamina. in the morning they went to buy a new couch.

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